Tissue Paper Flowers are simple, quick, and inexpensive.  They are a thoughtful hand made gift that is easy to customize, looks beautiful, and can last a long time.  You can whip up a dozen flowers in about an hour.  It's a perfect gift or decoration for Valentine's Day!

To get started you'll probably have most of these items already laying around your house, if not you can find everything you need at your local $1 Store or Craft Store. This is what you need to make one dozen tissue paper flowers. One piece of tissue paper makes one flower. It's easiest to make the flowers in multiples of three. Adjust what you need based on how many flowers you want to make.

You'll Need:
12 Sheets of Tissue Paper (20"x26" or 20"x30")
12 Pipe Cleaners or other Flexible Wire
A Vase

Ribbon to decorate the Vase
Scotch Tape to attach the Ribbon to the Vase
A Ruler or Measuring Tape

Step 1: Prep Your Paper

Lay three sheets of unfolded tissue paper down on a flat surface. Stacking them on top pf each other.
<p>Really cool! I would love to make some of these today!</p>
<p>i live in Latin Amermica and we are having our first Christmas. my mom thought it would be fun to put these on the tree this year. love it!</p>
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Im looking for different paper or tissue flowers foe an events centerpieces
<p>This page is beautiful flowers</p>
<p>thank you</p>
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<p>i don't have any questions</p>
I made these to help decorate a rather lavish easter bonnet! Wonderfully easy and effective :-)
<p>I love it!!!</p>
<p>I learned how to make these a while ago, and I couldn't quite remember how. Thanks for the reminder! When I learned, I was taught to use 5 sheets of tissue paper. That way they are a lot fuller- but I suppose you can use however many sheets you want.</p>
<p>Gorgeous! I would love to do this for my wedding centrepieces. If I made them a few weeks before do you think they would hold their shape? </p>
You shouldn't have any problems with them holdi shape. My kids and I made some for my mom probably 10 years ago. She has them in her bedroom amd they sti look good. Little dusty lol.
As long as they are not exposed to water or humidity they will hold their shape just fine. I made these for a baby shower and was able to reuse them over a month later when the baby was born. You can also do all the cutting and folding in advance and fluff them up later. Once they are fluffed they are much more fragile and take up way more space.
Thanks for the refresher on how to make these. I am going to make to use in photography background.
<p>I used to make these when I was a kid. Earlier tonight I was wrapping a difficult large present for daughters baby shower tomorrow. I had plenty of pink and light green (her colors) tissue paper. Thought about the flowers but my mind was fuzzy on the creating. Did a quick Google search and found this.Loved that I could male them smaller than the old ones we made as kids. I played with the layering of the paper colors as well as trimming the petal ends. Some I made very pointy, some rounded and some semi pointed. They came out wonderful. I didn't have pipe cleaner but I did have green bendy straws so I used a stapler and put the bendy end between the layers at the mid point. PERFECT. So if she wants to keep a few in a vase in the baby's room it should brighten it up:) Thank you for the directions!</p>
<p>doing this for a baby shower</p><p>and this is so easy</p>
<p>this stuff is easy</p>
<p>this is great</p>
<p>nice i gave it on my teachers birthday</p>
<p>made some 4 cinco de mayo!</p>
<p>I made this for my mom &amp; sister. mom is in her 80t's.</p>
<p>I made this. Its easy. I made them for my sister. mom .2 friends.</p>
<p>What beautiful flowers and colors. Back in '72, I made these with kleenex tissues and the middle was a bobby pin, stuck on an umbrella for my sister's wedding shower. Don't remember how many I made but it sure used up a lot of boxes of kleenex!!! Thanks for reminding me how to make them - I will make some for my grand-daughter who just loves pretty flowers.</p>
<p>Thank you for the great tutorial. My dining room table needs a little something something for spring.</p>
<p>nice idea</p>
<p>Awesome Tutorial. We can try to make.</p>
<p>Ḉᵒᵒᶫ! </p><p>♡</p>
Cute, try my way! Coffee filters :)
<p>I've actually done this yesterday and the coffee filters are a little too thick and kind of difficult to flex. However, I was able to accomplish to make a pretty flower by cutting the one in half and glue it to the sides of the other one and added a small flower My Mother had made, in the center. Cool! Wonder how yours turned out. Sorry, I have a low quality camera but here is a picture of it. </p>
Great Job! I love all the colors you used and how easy they are to make.
Very pretty! :-) And great idea for that someone special who's in the hospital or just home sick. And to Kawaiilover can you repost your coffee filter flowers? :-)
I just loved them, Thank you so much for sharing.
<p>Very pretty! My favorite colors too!</p>
<p>Sweet! love the flowers and the colors!</p>

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