Tissue Paper Lamp

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Hi i'm Rozairo from SriLanka,i'm a CG Designer,  this my first Instructables post, hope this will helpful
(Sorry for My English :) 

 I'll show you how to create Candle Lighted lamp using Old Bottle & Tissue papers..

We need... 
◘ 1 Bottle
◘ Tissue papers (light coloured ones are perfect)
◘ Glue
◘ Candles
◘ pencil or pen
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Step 1:

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first cut the tissue paper on to  1 1/2 inch Square pieces
bottle has to be cut on to two pieces you can find how to cut the bottle easy on instructables ( or here ) and cut a paper size of bottle we going to cover,

Step 2:

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use a pencil unsharpen side and push the tissue like this and pasted on to white tissue paper without a gaps..

Step 3:

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after the cover the white tissue, paste that on to bottle that's the candle & we are done!!

Step 4:

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it's look like this, hope this will understand the steps....
Again sorry for my English, :)) cheers..

Next time i'll show you guys how to make a Antlers using paper mache.. 

menuka5 months ago
Good job ... Keep it up
Ooh, it kind of looks like crystals!

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