Picture of Tissue Paper Rose Ball - DIY Tutorial

In this tutorial we will go through some simple steps, but time consuming... (depending on the size of roses your crafting!).

But the reacts from your friends and family when they see your masterpiece will make up for the time spent!

Step 1: Material Needed

Picture of Material Needed
Price: 1 -3 Dollar || Time: 2 - 10h || Difficulty: Easy - Medium

For this project you will need:

  • Napkins/Tissues (A lot of them!)
  • Paper clip
  • Balloon
  • Paper glue (That turns transparent when dry!)
  • Brush
  • Scissor

You can of course change the size of both the ball and flowers. Larger ball and smaller flowers (as shown in next step) will increase the time spent on this project! Make it as you want, this is only a guide line!! :)