Picture of Tissue Stamping to decorate your writting Papers
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Here I show you'll  a  nice way of stamping  your writting papers and blank greeting cards with tissue paper.I have been doing this for a very long time on my writting papers because I am a snail mail writter.This is pretty  easy and decorates my writting papers with what ever images I want.Most of my pen pals decorate their writting paper with stickers and they are really touched to receive my letters with little colord stampings on the papers :)

Step 1: Requirements

Picture of Requirements
1) Writting Paper
2) White Tissue
3) Colored Pencils
4) Scissors
5)Sharpner (option)
6)Working Mat
shazni1 year ago
this is really cool! i never thought of it!
Love it Great Idea
786Ayesha (author)  blossom92831 year ago
Thank you.This is fun to do with kids.
Zai Rameez1 year ago
This is awesome....... :)
It's a quick way of decorating our own things..... :))