Titanium - a Knex Ball Machine Video




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Introduction: Titanium - a Knex Ball Machine Video

Video of my latest knex ball machine



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    hey, how do you add a video from youtube to an instructable ??

    3 replies

    Look for the embed button at the lower part of the video then look for the embed video in the edit bar when you are making an instructable.

    then select and paste the embed code in the little window(trust me,it works)

    should have put "I AM TITANIUM"

    i like path three i give it a 5.3 out of 7

    really simple but looks super complicated and that is why it is so awesome

    Awesome ball machine! You did a spectacular job! =-)

    if you post instructions i will subscribe and i will make a ball factory like your awesome ball machines ok lol nice 5 *****

    Cool! It's so compact =D

    the paths are small

    L-O-L this is the smallest ball machine i ever sawn and it has more paths than some regular ball machines with about 2 towers!!!

    I broke it down. But i am working at a small roller coaster. Check it out soon pichapie20 at sscoasters.=)

    Did you use the archimedes screw in this?

    What type of lift did you use?