A Knex Ball Machine with 4 paths.

It's 22 inches high 18 inches long and 11 inches wide

elements used are:
1.roller coaster track path
2.ball alternator
3.ball drop

Video coming soon

By: Eugene Rabanes
Thanks you guys!!<br><br>Maybe sometime I'll make this again and create an instruction manual.<br><br>
<p>Please do. There's practically no small ball machines on this site. </p>
This is small enough for an instructable. YOu should make one.
I agree, this is definitely small enough for an instructable. Looks good, though! ;)
i like it!
Best compact ball machine EVER!!!
Looks cool. But who is asleep on the bed on the first picture? =P
My Brother :D
either your brother likes instructables or you do but that would make sence if you did because you have an acount. computer . i cant spel <br>
Awesome!!! 5*
vey nice!

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