Titanium Money Clip




Introduction: Titanium Money Clip

I started with some small scraps of Titanium, the length of the scraps is around three inches to begin with. I took the scraps to my bench top vise and clamped them in up right so i could round the corners over with a file. I proceeded to do this to both sides of the clip. once i did that i played around with a few ideas, the titanium has a mat finish already on it so i left a few this way and the others i sanded and polished them up to 2,000 grit using wet dry sand paper. when that was completed i found that the small diameter handle on my vise was a good fit to bet the titanium around. i used my finger in this process and that didn't allow me to get the clip fully bent around, so i had to bed the rest using the vise. just before finishing the bend i put a small bend on one side of the titanium at the tip to allow the money to slid in freely. i then finished the bend. (surprisingly to me titanium has quit a bit of spring in it) so with that i had to go just past what i thought would be enough force to close one side to the other. when this was finished i cleaned up any marks that where left on the titanium from the vise. I had never messed around with heat anodizing anything so here was my chance. i found that at different temperatures the titanium change different colors. i used just you normal torch to to this with so i don't know the exact temperature that makes what color. after playing around with this i let them cool, but i was down yet. once the titanium was cool to handle i found that the oils from your skin change the color of the anodizing. so i thought how do i fix this to keep the vibrant colors and make this product last. i played with a few different products and found that clear coat worked the best and was strong enough to last wear and tear. I sell these on etsy if anyone is interested in one i will leave the link down below, to help support what i love to to and to be able to bring more content to you. Thanks!!




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