Here is a complete set of instructions on manufacturing a snow saw out of titanium. Before we start building anything, we need to start out with a list of tools and supplies used to complete this project. A water-jet or other CNC is required for cutting titanium. For this, I used a local waterjet service.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Materials List:
Some sort of 2-Dimensional software that can read/write AutoCAD DXF files
A piece of metal, either sheet or flat bar, 36” long and 3” wide – I used titanium because I had access to it, and it has ideal properties for the final saw, but any 5000, 6000, or 7000 series aluminum between .080 and .125 inches thick will work pretty well too.
Scrap wood – 1/4-inch thick for the handle, you will need enough to fabricate the type of hand you want.
Some sort of fastener for holding the handle to the blade – I used two (2), 3/8-inch diameter by 1/2-inch long aluminum binding posts
Plasti-Dip – or some other sort of coating that will give a good grip through your gloves in cold, wet weather.

Tools List:
Sander – I used an angle grinder to sand both the wood on the handle, and add a finish to the titanium
Drill and bits for drilling holes for attaching the handle
Screwdriver –For attaching the handle
Wood Saw – I used a band saw, but any saw that can cut wood it fine
A few clamps
1 cheap disposable paintbrush

Now that we have a list of materials, we can start the build process of the saw.
What a great idea! this is the exact thing I was looking to make. Great job and keep the instructables coming!
Why titanium? I'd have thought stainless steel would be ideal
Titanium is lighter weight than stainless steel by volume by quite a bit, and if you are backpacking, weight plays a large factor in what you bring along.
I don't have a use for such a saw but thanks for the nice write up. If anything, I learned something new.
Two things:<br>1)What is a snow saw, and what are its uses?<br>2)Beaustiful pictures. Real nice quality!
It is also nice for snow sculpting--mostly for the initial &quot;roughing-out&quot; phase. A longer saw, with a handle on each end, is good for sawing parts off of a big block when used by two people.
When I go backpacking in the winter, I have on occasion slept in an igloo that I build out of snow. The snow saw is the tool that I use to cut the bricks. There I dimensioned the handle for measurements as I cut the bricks.
cool goes right through snow
Since this is titanium, you could anodize it!<br><br>It would produce some nice colours and should increase the rust resistance and surface hardness.<br><br>All you need is some diet coke and a power supply.
I might try that with another project, thanks for the ides
you should make an ible!
Where did you get the titanium?
It was given to me by a guy who was using it for something, It isnt the best alloy, and it is acid diped, buy hey, it was free and now I have a sweet saw. Thanks for your comment.

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