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 I asked got some leeds but this is what i came up with no plans all off the top of my head

Step 1: The Start

complete bicycle, third wheel,bicycle frame 

Step 2: Weld

 i welded 1" tube frame to bike frame leaving room for foot to peddle

Step 3: Third Wheel

i welded and cut off 4-6 times this was not good spot 

Step 4: Another View


Step 5: Another Veiw

 as you can see third wheel is still forward

Step 6: Complete

i should have taken more photos but here it is as you can see third wheel is back supported by spare bike frame

Step 7:


Step 8: Rear of Bike

sidecar i left open -more of a cargo carrier  

Step 9:


Step 10: View of Weld

 not the best weld my first time to weld a project

Step 11:


Step 12:


Step 13:


Step 14: Finished

 the bike is bulky sidecar 3'x3' about i did this with no plays the bike handled good with 300# of cargo no problems turning left or right 



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Okay, other than swapping sides and reducing the width for legality in my state (no more than 85cm wide) I think this is pretty much the basic idea I may have to go with for my flat mate who simply can not balance a regular bike - she never learned as a kid. Just add some sides so groceries don't fall out

I always wonder how legal thees are. I've see some people take up the entirety of a lane of traffic and riding at 3-3.5mph. This project isn't as large or unreasonable but I hope some of the monstrosities I've seen are stopped.

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Before I get hate or flamed, I'm all for DIY and I love my bike but like I hinted at there is a guy round here who built a bikecart the size of a small car and rides in traffic collecting bottles and cans. There has to be a limit and I think he's probably past it but if not he's pushing it.

Depends entirely where you live and what the local laws are. Some states/countries restrict the width, others say you can make it as wide as a car and just follow road rules like everyone else. No worse than being stuck behind an equally LEGAL horse and buggy

In Kansas a bike can take the whole lane and it should.

Signaling turns and braking are required.

Most police in the U.S. will tell you (if they stop you while riding a bike) that "when you drive your bike, you are a car. You are required to drive your bike on the street like the rest of traffic.". And the judge agreed. :)

Bicycles are limited to the same sizes as cars, and are legal on the streets of America. After all, bicycles are the reason that we have paved roads (cars don't need pavement, early bicycles had no suspension and needed smooth streets.). Roads in America were first paved for bicycle travel. Bicycles are permitted on all roads in the U.S., UNLESS POSTED OTHERWISE, such as on Freeways which have a minimum speed limit of 40-mph. A large bicycle is no worse than a slow truck, and does less damage to that which it impacts. Our roads are not racetracks for speeding, they are for common travel.


So A:I was right it it is pushing the legal limit for size. B:Oh boy yes he has held up trafoic on roads with minimum speeds.

Those are some old school anodized parts.......SWEET!

I like this one. It looks pretty heavy, but should be very durable. Have you thought of putting a motor on the bicycle? See With most bike motors, you will still have to pedal for take-off and hills, but will be able to ride all day even with a load.

What was the effect on the steering and braking? Did the wheel have any toe-in or cant to it, or was it straight ahead like the rear wheel?

The pics are nice. But I would like some description of the building process, choices you made (and why), materials etc.

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 thanks for comment this is first time for a welding project i welded sidecar frame out of 1" square tube i had no plans getting the bike square and plumb has had the third wheel- welded forks spare bike frame bolted axle to tubing tried if i center it would not turn even with bicycles rear wheel worked and best support was spare frame WHY the choices i made  i started out something to do no reason  next bike project ??????

Not good enough. Sorry.
Go look at side cars for motorcycles and where the wheel is as opposed to the passenger.

Thats preety much the same as an impakt.

nice i might put a side car seat on my tour de fat bike