This my first Instructable. I hope you like it:)
P.s this one I built isn't very strong but you can add TNT and make it longer.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

• You have to get any blocks(i used dirt)
• A water bucket
• flint and steel
• ladder, sign, or slab

Step 2: Make the Body/ Frame

I made mine 3 down, 4 across (both sides).
And put a slab, ladder, or sign at the last block.
Add water to the first block.

Step 3: TNT TIME!!!

Add the TNT between the water source block and above the sign, ladder, or slab.

Step 4: KABOOM!!!

Light the TNT from left to right( or from the TNT closest to the source block of the water to the "floating" TNT)
P.s. It doesn't do that much on the first try for the one I made, you can make one that can do that. You have to make a long cannon out of TNT and ignite the all the TNT. Have fun :p
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