To 3.14 or not to pie

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This in not a question anymore.

Here is my version of π or pie, however you call it. Not only it looks interesting, but is is amazingly delicious! You can expand your imagination and create beutiful and unusual engravings as I did. It is simple and you will like it! I am sure. 

So what about π? How do you mix maths with cherrys, jam and dough? Hmm ... sounds awkward indeed. The ratio of any circle's circumference to its diameter .... π = 3.141592653..... wait wait ... you put it in the oven and then eat it?! I am confused now.

Ok, let me explain this to you just follow the steps and you will get the idea.
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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
To make the π you need:

For the crust:
For the filling:
  • A jar of fruit compote - any fruit will work, so it is your choice
Tools you need for the overall process:
  • Food processor, dough cutter, or fork & knife
  • Kitchen alluminium foil 
  • Rolling pin
  • Soldering iron for the ingraving

Step 2: Making The Dough

Picture of Making The Dough
1. Mix 1 1/2 cups flour, salt and sugar until combined.
2. Add the butter to the mixture in battches scraping it into small pieces. This will help you mix the ingredients easier.
3. Process the butter untill it blends well into the flour. Dough should just start to clump together into small pieces.

Step 3: .14 = pi You see that! :)

Picture of .14 = pi  You see that!  :)
1. Add the rest of the flour and mix it in the dough.
2. At this point you may need to add some water. Do not add more than 3 tablespoons of water at once.
3. Continue mixing the dough with a spatula using folding motion, pressing down on dough until it is slightly tacky and sticks together.

Step 4: Roll The Dough Flat

Picture of Roll The Dough Flat
Take roughly half of the dough and form a ball. Sprinkle some flour on the table and then using the rolling pin roll the dough flat. I made it around 0.5cm (0.2 inches) thick.
vikingmurg1 year ago

I made it but im too lazy to upload pics...

it looks exactly like yours too!

Did you see you are famous?

http://blog.hgtv.com/design/2014/03/14/3-14-ways-t... I don't trust the link embeding.

Ladies and Gents!! I think we have just seen the likely winner of the pi day pie contest!!!!

hertzgamma (author)  Zorro Anno Domini1 year ago

Hello, Thanks!

I won the contest with this pie two years ago!

Greenman21 year ago
Very clever
Mielameri1 year ago
Wow...looks amazing :)!
thehbird1 year ago

OMG it's pie!!! I always said there should be a pie pie!

This pie is just so spot on! I love it! It is like to perfect to be real :D

mantonova2 years ago
Аз гласувам за това ;D
hertzgamma (author) 3 years ago
mistyp3 years ago
This was a very precise job! The engraving is such a neat idea. And I did like step 3's title :-) Thanks for sharing, and good luck on the contest!
hertzgamma (author)  mistyp3 years ago
Thank you so much! I'm glad you noticed step 3's title ;)
Gregbot3 years ago
yummy... Pi tart!