To Go Fishing Kit Under 20$


Introduction: To Go Fishing Kit Under 20$

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I wanted a fishing kit that I could transport easily and was under 25$ but I really couldn't find a good one I like so I made my own using things I already had. All i had to buy a telescoping pen fishing rod and reel combo.

Step 1: Materials

I wanted a cheap to go fishing kit that actually had a rod and reel but I couldn't find a reasonably priced one so I made my own. You can probably do this under 20$ if you have the stuff. I got the rod and reel on Amazon for ten dollars and it actually worked. I then raided my tackle box for all the other stuff and used a cheap case I found.

1. Cheap case
2. Rod and reel pocket sized
3. Hooks
4. Assorted lures
5. Possibly bobbers
6. Scissors
7. Pliers
8. Lures
9. Optional stuff (hand sanitizer, hard case for hooks, and other stuff you like like rubber worms)

Step 2: Putting Every Thing in

Retract your pole and place it in. Tape the reel so it doesn't unravel while in the bag and make sure to tape the line secure so it doesn't unravel. Then place every thing else in and you almost done.

Step 3: Your Done !!!

Now go out and catch a fish don't catch any thing to big or the rod might break my biggest on the rod was 2 pounds. This is good for a rainy day when you don't have your good rods, a bug out bag, a leave in the car thing, or a thing for moments when you just found a good spot to fish. This is very good for an emergency and you can customize it with your own lures and other stuff. This is a perfect thing for survival fishing and it can be given as a gift. (Side note I recommend fishing when it's cloudy or rainy I have the best luck then.)



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    I was wondering how you liked that rods I was looking at the same one on Amazon.

    that's awesome i mite try it one day.


    I would also recommend for micro fishing because of its size

    A 2 pound on a pencil rod is impressive, i thought it couldn't even lift past 1 pound