To Infinity and Beyond !





Introduction: To Infinity and Beyond !

hey guys this is my journey to make my first costume. I started by getting an old shirt filling it with towels to make a form to build off of.

Step 1: EVA Foam Base

I bought some EVA foam from home depot and started putting it together as a base form stuck it all with hot glue and tape.

Step 2: Buzz Light Year

I wanted to get sharper edges on the design of the costume so i added 2ply chipboard for some finer detailing.

Step 3: Space Ranger!

Put together some armer for my arms and go a dome as a helmet. (18" dome bought at TNT plastic world on Canal Street NY)

Step 4: "Buzz Lightyear to Star Command, Come in Star Command"

Things really started to come together after a few coats of paint. And after a little bit of Photoshop got the decals to the right scale. (printed on sticker paper at staples for $3.30)

Step 5: "you Got a Friend in Me"

I had a wonderful halloween my sister nephew and girlfriend (jessie, and yes we made her costume from scratch as well). I know the costume isn't exactly Buzz but it got a lot of attention and was super fun putting together and made me feel like a kid again! the entire build took two weeks start to finish working on it over the weekends and after work. P.S. the head cap is a book sock it did the job well.



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    Great looking costume, one of the best Buzz's I've seen. Where did you get the dome? I'm having great trouble finding one.

    Great costume. how did you attach the dome to the costume?

    I wanted the dome to be able to open and close so i got 1/2" nuts, bolts and washers from homedepot and have it attached to the base shoulders and that allowed it to rotate open and closed.