"To Make: 2014" is a collection of items I would like to take a whack at before the end of the calendar year. #1 on my list (and the only item I specifically have an actual "need" for) is the electric height-adjustable desk. I work in web design/dev and pro audio. Thus, it's essential I have large studio monitors on my desk and optimally I'll have enough room for laptop+external monitor, a couple MIDI controllers, a pad of paper, etc. I need a very large surface and need the entire surface to raise up with me when I want to stand and can't wait to dive in. If I don't get to any of the others on this list in 2014, 2015 awaits!

I need a standing desk that can support a lot more weight than an average working desk (I have large pro audio monitors and accessories). I want to make sure I can sit or stand and my setup will always remain the same.
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I have an audio production desk that I love but cannot find a good solution for adjusting my laptop height in relation to my 2nd monitor.
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Temporary alternative to powered standing desk
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