Picture of To Make A Paper Swan/Crane by who else but SeaLion
Note: this has nothing to do with to kill a mocking bird, nor should one even use the finished product as a blue jay or mocking bird...plus i will not be responsible if more and more birds show up on ur window side.

let us proceed...

Step 1: Lets start building...

ok...for this...i think i shud quit talking and giving instructions...instead...i'll give visual aids...
i.e. a video!

PJSharpe11 months ago

Lets start building...

So why the lie above!!!! "This is a private video" Is this an illegal lead on to get one's "private" account information and then give you nothing? Not very friendly to the public are you?

itzKyle6 years ago
its a private video??
SeaLion (author)  itzKyle6 years ago
I might've made it after the amount of abusive comments I've received from other youtube users...I'll make it non-private when I have time. Sorry!
thefoodman6 years ago
please make the vid unprivate
Wafflicious6 years ago
make the video unprivate..
bhunter7367 years ago
Thank You. I didnt know anyone who knows how to make these until your instructable. Now I know how. : )
carbon8 years ago
Yay! I have a set of instructions for this that came with my origami paper, but they were terrible. Being able to see you in action doing it was much more helpful than those terrible drawings (I swear they were made in msPaint) :P

PS: This is an Instructable. ;-)
ratfinkxi8 years ago
Thank you for the wonderful video -- I've had a hard time following the printed instructions. Always wonderedy if anyone would ever come up with a video for this! Thanks!!!
moonchild8 years ago
Thanks bro! I have always wanted to make one of these!!! Got any more cool Origami things?
SeaLion (author)  moonchild8 years ago
er..its sis...but yea...anyway...ur welcome.. well i only know the swan and the cuboid which i believe is in instructables already...so i'll have to do some brainstorming to make a new instructables...
eli_avery8 years ago
well i think it qualifies as an instructable.. viedo's quite straight foreward and clear.. of course i've been doing origami since elementary school and the crane is the first thing i learned so i can't really judge from the view point of some one new to it (i can and have folded cranes blindfolded)
SeaLion (author)  eli_avery8 years ago
meh, its kinda for my friend who can't really follow along with my folding...but as u prolly know i can't dedicate it only to 1 person...so i dedicate it to all who want to learn :)...and of course watch me kill time by making a 1hr long instructable...least it took me 1 hr...even vid took me 30minutes...
saites20018 years ago
Although technically an Instructable, it's a visual aid. It's not bad that you're using a video to explain yourself, but us 56K users (I live in a place where that's all we can get, unfortunately) would rather have actual instructions. Combining the two would make for the best Instructable.

And if you're worried about time, you should know that you can make part of an Instructable and then work on more later.
SeaLion (author)  saites20018 years ago
:P i know...but by the time i do round 2, i'd prolly lost the insentive...
PetervG8 years ago
Well, I mean it's just a video. Proof is you can't make a crane in two steps.
SeaLion (author)  PetervG8 years ago
not JUST a video. a video that i MADE cuz i suck at giving instructions, hence visual aid works better. do you know how long it actually takes for me to make one instructable with enought step so people who read along actually makes the thing? 1 HOUR, including making pretty pictures with annotations and all thsoe. plus! its too hard to describe, so video's better.
PetervG SeaLion8 years ago
Just a comment, geeze, cool your jets.
There have been video instructables before.
PetervG8 years ago
Neat, but still not an instructable.
SeaLion (author)  PetervG8 years ago
what do you mean by not an instructable? it is downright an instructable compared to some which say something like instructalbe is making people cause more accidents cuz of the jolly content... instrucatlbe's for making anything! hence making a lil bird should be on this (plus the joys of it...). sorry if i appear less civil, but i've spent an hour doing this instructable and people telling me that this isn't an instructable pisses me off A LOT. i don't put in efforts for nothing.