Picture of How to Make a Shield
I love armor and have already made a shirt of chainmail that you can read about here, as well as owning a sword. So I decided to make a shield that I can use when my friend and I fight. We are trying to learn the lost art of sword fighting. 

Stuff you'll need
  • Cold rolled sheet metal (Lowes, Canadian Tire, ex.)
  • about 30 1in screws
  • about 25 1/2in screws
  • 8-10ft 1-by-4s 
  • sandpaper
  • nylon or leather strapping 
  • 4 roofing nails
  • Jigsaw with wood and metal blades
  • Drill and drill bits
  • ball peen hammer

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Step 1: Cut the Metal

Picture of Cut the Metal
For my shields I decide that the best size was 2ft by 1½ft so that it would cover most of my body without being to heavy. I also thought that a basic rectangle would be best because I am just a beginner at metalworking.

I bought the metal from Lowes for just over 40 dollars but that was enough for 2 shields so you could get a smaller piece that wouldn't be so pricey. Now just mark the length you want with a sharpie and cut it with a jigsaw. This is better done outside, as the metal pieces will go everywhere!
Green X11 months ago

nice I know someone that would use that shield

Not bad for a LARP shield, well done! If you wanted to make a combat grade one, use carbon steel sheet, and hammer it to shape on an anvil. Also, swordsmen wouldn't use a tower or wall shield, those would be reserved for frontline spearmen. Swordsmen would use a circular buckler or at most a kite shield. OVerall, however, this was extremely well done! Bravo!
Ringer1633 (author)  ninja of suburbia1 year ago
voltan Ringer163311 months ago

That means now you get to make some spears! Woo!

Ringer1633 (author) 1 year ago
Please vote for me and if you have any suggestions for a shoulder strap I would love to know. Thanks, hope you enjoy.