To the Moon - Jack Daniels Challenge

video To the Moon - Jack Daniels Challenge
This instructable is for the Jack Daniels Challenge. I confirm that I am older than 21 years and live in Pennsylvania, US
My date of birth is 04.16.1986
lemonie1 year ago
You'd like to put something on the moon, done a bit of research so you think you could, and $25K is all that's stopping you?

amandeep premi (author)  lemonie1 year ago
1) Everyone has to start somewhere, so Im doing my research in new ideas in relevant areas, plus my background helps me with basic knowledge of this stuff.
2) About the money part is the same thing, everyone has to start somewhere and this is not the only place ive seeked for funding for.
And you are right nothing is really stopping me from making plans and building up ideas. Its the actual prototypes which is gonna cost monies :)

I hope I answered your question. I would like to add that I believe in what they say about It being better to have tried and failed than to never have tried at all. :)
The moon requires a lot of money, low-Earth orbit launches may cost 25K per Kg.


amandeep premi (author)  lemonie1 year ago
Im not planning to use a rocket motor for all the way , plus my payload is essentially a camera and transmitting unit.
Helium balloon?

amandeep premi (author)  lemonie1 year ago
Yes, I intend to use something like that for part of the way to save fuel and extra payload. ANd also intend to apply belbruno's theory for a part of the way, outside the atmosphere.