The idea:

My idea is to make a totem like toy (ToYeM). You can rotate each block and it can emmit light. When the blocks are alligned the right way the light will turn on.

Step 1: Getting the Tools and Materials


Must: Blocks turning. It must emmit light.
Should: When you turned the ToYeM the right way it emmits light.
Could: When you turn a block a different collor is emmitted.
Won't: Detachable blocks.


  • Laser printer
  • Small drill
  • Solder


  • 3mm thick wood
  • 2 Nuts and Bolts
  • 2 plastic O-rings
  • Glue
  • 1 LED
  • Electrical wire
  • 4 Nails
  • 4 Ring terminals
  • Small battery
  • Electricity tape
  • Duct tape
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<p>Indeed. It was a very fun project to do.</p>
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