Picture of Toadstool castle Toybox Chair Playset
Here is a project that I have just finished today, January 4th 2009. Today happens to be the birthday of my 4 year old and this is for her. She is all about fairies and princesses and fairy tales. So I designed this Toadstool Castle Toybox chair for her. It could be easily adapted to fit a boy by changing the design of the top to a more kingly looking castle and by painting is in gray, black and silver, I imagine the seat part being covered with red velvet. Sounds cool anyway. I hope that you enjoy it.
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Step 1: Step 1: gather materials

Picture of Step 1: gather materials
You will need... 4- 12"x12" 1/2" plywood squares (sides, bottom of box and top seat)
5- 1x2 boards 10" long (seat supports)
1- 1/2" plywood panel 15"x30" (back of seat)
1- 1/2" plywood panel 13"x12" (front of seat)
wood glue
finish nails
3/4 yard of fabric
cushion foam
staple gun
two 1" craft hinges
screw in hook and eye closer
Craftsman scroll saw
Craftsman Dremel tool
I want to make one for my little cousin but I wouldn't know where to get the cushion.
Vintiquities (author)  christian29275 years ago
I got the cushion foam at Hobby Lobby and covered it with some fabric. But if you don't have a Hobby Lobby around you could just us a pillow and then cover with the fabric. Or visit your local thrift shop and get one of those tie on kitchen chair cushions (or even at WalMart) and then cut it down to size and cover that. Hope this helps. Have a great day!
Forget the kids! I want a grown-up size one for moi ;0)
gardengal6 years ago
Good Luck to you.
this is really wonderful. i am making a princess castle for my daughter but this is more professional looking!
Vintiquities (author)  cathy sweeney6 years ago
Thanks, I would love to see how yours turns out, if you get a chance post a pic. Good luck.
plunky6 years ago
Awww, this is soooo cute! I'm thinking my daughter would just love this. Way to go!