Step 7: Re-assemble

As your students begin to finish, you can start to re-assemble your photo out of toast.  Once piece at a time your toast art will come alive.  Sweetness!  
<p>Amazing! Ima eat all dem bread! anyways, guys if u really like these things u should really check out http://www.artreport.com they've got cool stuff like these too lol!</p>
<p>this gave me an idea to honor some students at our school. Thank you soo much :) I am so insp</p>
<p>&quot;I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their toast, but by the content of their character.&quot;</p>
this amazing..
This is amazing! You are an amazing, no FANTASTIC, artist! Nice job
You, sir, are a wonderful human being :) I really love your creativity and it looks great
Heh heh heh this is clever!
great job but does your piece not go moldy after a week or so?
Surprisingly enough, it never did mold. Our food today is pretty preserved. Not sure how good that is!? Anyhow, they just became too brittle after about 3 months for the glue to hold. That's why I have a color print out version too.
That is crazy awesome! Wonderful job!
I like toast and art!
then I like you.
This is excellent! <br /><br />Great job.

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