If you use chocolate ice cream, you can call it S'more In A Cone ;-)

Step 1: Method

Place oven rack either on 2nd row from bottom or in the middle

You will need:

Waffle cone

Ice cream

Mini marshmallow

Scoop ice cream onto waffle cone, and top with mini marshmallow covering the ice cream

Turn of broiler and immediately place cone inside, just for a couple of seconds (well depending how toasted you'd like your marshmallow to be)

Serve right away and enjoy :)

<p>looks good enough to eat! ;)</p>
<p>give it a try, you wont regret it ;-)</p>
<p>i would love to try it</p>
<p>let me know how it turns out for you :)</p>
Looks really delisous ??
<p>they are delicious :)</p>

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