Toasty-kun! Make a stuffed animal with a microwavable heart.

Picture of Toasty-kun! Make a stuffed animal with a microwavable heart.
Toasty-kun! 002.JPG
So I'm sitting in this monster of a snowstorm thinking that I need something warm. Mabye some Hot Choco "sip"   no thats not it, Chai tea? smells good but no... I know! a hug, so I look around see my bother "hug" (he looks at me funny) nope not warm enough hmm... ah ha! a cat! "hug" ("meeeeooow" scratch!)  oww... no, well I'm a maker soooo lets make it!

It needs to be cute, warm and and cute and toasty!

Well Domo-kun is cute but if he was warm....well... ta da! 

Toasty-kun is great for staying warm and is also a great gift for your Valentine

To make him even better I decided to upcycle and only use scrap fabric destined for the the trash!
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Step 1: Tools, supplies, and stuff!

Picture of tools, supplies, and stuff!
winter 016.JPG
winter 017.JPG
1) Brown, red, and white fabric
2) Assorted buttons for eyes
3) Stuffin'
4) Herbal tea
5) Rice
6) Zippers/fasteners

1) Thread
2) Needles
3) Pins
4) Scissors
5) Chalk pencils
6) Optional: sewing machine
7) oh! and a ruler and/or tape measure

Step 2: Plan!

Picture of plan!
toasty-kun 001.JPG
It's always good to plan things out! though In the end there are some things I'd change.(bigger feet)

For those who can't read my handwriting look at the second picture
and their is a 3rd pic (you might not see it but it's there!)

Step 3: Transfer

Picture of Transfer
toasty-kun 007.JPG
toasty-kun 008.JPG
toasty-kun 009.JPG
Transfer the plans on to the backside of your cloth. I used a chalk pencils so it would be less noticeable and would wash out. You may want to wash you fabric first before transferring the design to prevent uneven shrinkage when you wash it again. 

Step 4: And cut

Picture of and cut
toasty-kun 010.JPG
Cut out all the pieces; arms, legs, front, back, teeth, and mouth. You may also want to lay out the eyes and mouth on the front so you can see if you like the positioning.    
ofoust1 year ago
Love it!! Lol, your narrative is hilarious! :)
fab i love it love it LOVE IT! i used to think that a microwave would burn fabric and i didnt know wat to put in the heart is the tea for scent or do u need it not just the rice? im soooo making this and i love the last pic where domos like GIVE ME HEART RAWR! lol
imrobot (author)  penguingirl9071 year ago
Ya the tea is just for the smell, the rice is what heats up. The heat from the rice causes the tea the release the smell.
he eats hearts just like me
tmccormack13 years ago
Whats the tea for?
So that it smells good... I want to make one of these!!!
imrobot (author)  tmccormack13 years ago
tasty smell!
Nelyan3 years ago
This may sound weird and is completely off-topic, but I fell in love with that closet showing in the back of the first and the second picture. Could you possibly send me a picture of it as whole? :O I think it's time for an Ikea-hack!
imrobot (author)  Nelyan3 years ago
unfortunately it's in my sisters room and I am currently spending the year abroad in Israel. However I do know that she's had it since I could remember but it's probably not more than 10 years old. I'll see if maybe my sis could send me a picture.
scoochmaroo5 years ago
Very sweet project.
imrobot (author)  scoochmaroo5 years ago
thanks! nothing needs to be changed?
I love the idea/name! I would suggest possibly making a removable "aromapouch" that's in a compartment in the heart sealed with Velcro. The aroma will eventually run out (although I don't know how long/how many uses that takes), so it would be nice if you could just take out a pouch and put in a new one. Or maybe even so that you can have different aromas.
imrobot (author)  rattyrain4 years ago
very cool idea!
I honestly think the Toasty-Kun could be a marketable idea, seeing as they have domo-everything
imrobot (author)  rattyrain4 years ago
uuuummmm... it already has a name his name is domo
goto and l@@k.
imrobot (author)  badassriffer5 years ago
no no no no... it's a mash up of two things domo-kun and toasty (cause the heart makes it warm) so he is toasty-kun! toasty domo-kun = toasty- kun!

thanks though
hey! nice 'ible, only thing i'd suggest is scanning/taking a closer pic of the pattern to share.

great minds think alike, i did a domo instructable too!
imrobot (author)  alittlestranger5 years ago
thanks! to be changed soon!
ClaudiaRN5 years ago
 Awwwwww gotta luv it!
caitlinsdad5 years ago
Careful when your heart's afire, burning Love. Domo!

imrobot (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago

Domo-kun rocks
winterfresh5 years ago
 Death by cuteness!
slu6alka5 years ago
It's soooo cute!
piekid5 years ago
I love it i cant wait to make it!!!