Toasty Slippers





Introduction: Toasty Slippers

These slippers are made from recycled woolen blanket, recycled fleece fabric and scraps of brightly coloured fabric from my stash! I have a pair with red polka dot binding, they are so comfortable and keep my feet nice and warm.

Step 1: The Pattern

This pattern will be available for download once i have worked out different sizings. The pattern has a seam allowance included.
As you can tell, this pair is for my friend Justine!

Step 2: Cutting Out the Pattern Pieces

I will show you the steps for making one slipper, you will do the same for the second slipper but reversing everything, we don't want 2 left feet do we?!

You will need:
~an old woolen blanket, mine was found at the thrift store for around $5
~some warm recycled, i have used fleece also found at the thrift store
~ a scrap of colourful fabric big enough to make bias binding

From the woolen blanket cut 1 sole piece and 1 of each side piece.
From the fleece cut one sole piece.

Step 3: Sole

Pin the soles together and baste around the edge.

Step 4: Slipper Top

Sew the top pieces together with a 1cm seam allowance then trim seam allowance and press open like you see in the photo.

Step 5: Slipper Heel

Sew heel edges together with a 1cm seam allowance, trim the seam allowance and press open.

Step 6: Sewing the Slipper Together

pin the slipper top to the slipper sole wrong sides together (so the fleece inner will be on the outside), using a 1cm seam allowance. Trim the seam allowance.

Step 7: Turn

Turn the slipper right side out and press the seams. Trim the opening to your desired size, making sure you can fit your feet inside.

Step 8: Cutting the Bias Binding

From your scrap of colourful fabric cut some strips on the bias. Mine are 3cm wide but you can make them wider if you like.

Step 9: Fold Your Bias Binding

Fold your bias binding in half and press. Open up and fold one edge towards the centre, press again.

Step 10: Attaching the Bias Binding-step 1

Pin the unfolded edge of the binding to the outside of the slipper. Sew around with a 5mm seam allowance. Trim the seam allowance.

Step 11: Attaching the Bias Binding-step 2

Fold the binding to the inside of the slipper and pin. Slip stitch into place folding under the end of the binding to give a neat look.

Now make the other slipper in the same way but reversing the pattern.

Step 12: All Finished!

The finished slippers. Now put them on and keep your feet toasty warm!

Step 13: My Slippers

My slippers have red polka dot binding.



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    How long does it take? Can you make them in a few days? I want to make some for my brother, he needs/wants to have slippers. He always steals my dads.

    I look forward to the pattern. Great job. I am all for recycling/

    Super cute! I fond lots of patterns by image searching (DIY slipper patterns) I'm going to make some soon. Thanks =)

    so cool i want to make these now

    I love these, they sort of remind me of medieval type shoes. :)

    I'm loving these for around the house! Especially on our cold tile floors! Any chance you could post the pattern if you've got one figured out :)

    Why not just cut the top shapes out this shape in order to save resewing it back together?

    Sure you could.

    But then you wouldn't get the funky seam down the front of the slipper for that great medieval look!