Step 2: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
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What you will need:

-Air cured Tobacco leaves, Seeds with growing instructions are available here :
Havana tobacco seeds are good for making cigars, particularity cigar wrappers because of the broad leaves, flavor and smooth appearances once cured. A good recommended fill blend for a home grown cigar is 30% Havana leaf and 70% Virginia leaf with a Havana wrapper.

-Cheap, light weight foam cooler: if you ever wondered what to do with that leaky foam cooler...here it is!
-Corded clamp light reflector light fixture, (avail. at home depot, clamp assembly is not needed)
-30W light bulb (heat source)
-Aluminum foil
-Clean paper towels
-Plastic bag
-Sterilized spray bottle (use bleach solution to clean, rinse and dry thoroughly)
-Distilled water
mcaliber.504 years ago
what kind of conditions would be best to dry your tobacco in? and can you skip this step if you want to use the tobacco in a pipe or something like that?