Picture of Toboggan from old Skis
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A pair of old skis are still useful if they still have a flat running surface, a sharpish edge and are rigid enough to form the base for a multi-person toboggan. Here's how one builds such a toboggan.

The objective of this toboggan design is to:
Be as light as possible
Be as strong as possible
Be as fast as possible
Send 2 adults or 12 very small screaming children down a hellishly steep hill

A pair of knackered adult's skis
A 8'x4' sheet of 9mm birch plywood
Wood glue
Strong contact glue
Double-sided tape
The usual workshop bits and bobs and consumables

Circular saw and cutting guide, or table saw
Jig saw
Router with spiral cutter
Angle gauge
Clamps (you can never have too many!)

Other requirements:
Screaming children

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Step 1: Strip an old pair of straight-edged skis

Picture of Strip an old pair of straight-edged skis
Pre spoon shaped-era skis that still have a reasonably smooth surface are best. The longer the skis, the more people you can put on the toboggan. Here we have my wife's cherished and lovingly looked-after K2 skis. Yes, they will do just fine!  

Remove the bindings with a large star-point screwdriver and throw them away.

Use a belt sander to roughen the top resin layer to create a glue surface. I went deep enough to remove the faded branding under the resin. This exposes a light plastic material that may in your case be slightly porous, so it you sand this deep, be sure to thoroughly cover the exposed surfaces with polyurethane varnish in the last step.

seamster2 years ago
This is great! Of all the ski-sled-toboggans I've seen, I like this one the best.
savageeuge10 months ago

my dad made a shorter version and got a harness for our dog. We use to cut wood and I would pile it on and secure it with a rope and she would pull the load to the truck. Best dog we ever had.

rowerwet1 year ago

love this! I am so going to make it! I have been thinking about how to do something like this, your I'ble shows the best way I know. One idea I want on mine that may be a good idea for anybody building this, steel pipe (conduit?) brake and steering levers. put one on each side, with a pivot bolt in the middle, made so that when the upper end is raised, the bottom end drags on the snow. Put them on the outside of each ski to give the best leverage for turns. A 45 degree or so bend in each would give a good handle sticking almost upright, while the lower end would be trailing back to allow just lightly dragging the tip for control, up to sticking straight down for panic stops.

A reinforced section on each leg would give a good anchor point for the steering levers.

gerrit_hoekstra (author)  rowerwet1 year ago

No braking and no steering adds a certain element of fun :-)

our local hill is way to steep and crowded to go without a good way to stop and steer.:)
friger2 years ago
Gather up the neighborhood dogs, leash them to this and they could tow you back up the hill. Great Instructable by the way.
rwomble2 years ago
super cool! If we got any kind of snow here in NC i would be on this in a heartbeat. great job!