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I needed a chair for my great niece when she came to visit, and wanted to see if I could make a cute chair made from recycled scraps on my shed.

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I used old table legs that I had left after stripping down a table that I repurposed. And the seat and back from off cuts from a previous projects. I cut all my pieces to the size that I wanted.

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I recycled these hanger bolts and insert nuts that were used to attach the legs to the table. I drilled a hole in the leg top slightly smaller than the bolt and screwed in the bolt. I drilled the same size hole in seat of the chair, being careful not to drill all the way through on the front two. (unlike me ooops…)

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I screwed the insert nuts into the chair base. And drilled the same size holes into the bottom of the back supports and added insert nuts.

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The legs are then screwed into the seat with the back ones coming through enough to attach the back supports. The back supports with the insert nut are then screwed into the pin.

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I drilled holes through the top of the legs to attach the back support. I filled in the holes that I drilled all the way through by mistake

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Stained the wood Dark mahogany and added 2 coats of outdoor varnish to protect the wood. And there we have a simple toddler chair made from recycled wood.

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