Picture of Toddler Chair from Fountain Soda Syrup Box
Kids like having things of their own and this was a perfect project to make a happy toddler.

This chair was inexpensive, durable, and easy to make. I created this chair to recycle a box that I saved. Because these boxes are so sturdy, it was perfect. So, if you like being creative, can handle a utility knife, scissors, a marker pen, & a ruler, then you can provide your toddler with this easy to make chair. Add your own special touches to personalize this chair as a wonderful gift!

Thanks, and have fun!
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Step 1: Acquire the Required Items...

Picture of Acquire the Required Items...
Things you will need
*- Post Mix Box (Soda Syrup Box) used for fountain soda syrup, like at your local convenience store.
*- Scissors
*- Box Cutter or Utility Knife
*- Packaging Tape
*- Self-Adhesive Contact Paper (may need 2 rolls depending on if you want to match the pattern) Available at some Dollar Stores
*- White Glue (School Glue, or Elmer's type)
*- Marker Pen
*- Extra Cardboard from a different sturdy box

Please take care using any sharp knives, cutters, and scissors. These should be used by adults in a responsible manner. If your child wants to help, help them learn with your guidance and supervision.

Step 2: Mark Your Box for Cuts and Scoring the Fold Lines

Picture of Mark Your Box for Cuts and Scoring the Fold Lines
Follow the suggested marks for the chair arms, seat, and back.
These measurements are shown in the pictures.

If you mark the lines that are for folding with a dashed line, you will be less likely to accidentally cut all the way through the box. Use your ruler to make straight lines and even sections.

Step 3: Create the Back of the Chair

Picture of Create the Back of the Chair
After marking the lines from the previous step, cut on the marked lines, and score (lightly cut through ONLY the Thin layer of cardboard. Be sure not to cut all the way through the cardboard.

Push the sections from the box so that the cut out section becomes the back of the chair. If your box has a third inner layer, score that layer along the front of the seat and fold it down and inward.
I like this. Good directions, easy to follow. Will make one for grandchild, so he will have his own place to sit when he visits, instead of sitting in an adult chair with his legs sticking straight out. Should be more comfortable for him. Thank you.