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In this I am going to show you how to make a Toddler Chair using Postal Tubes. This is a simple, quick & easy to build project. My 1 year old daughter is all excited to have a new chair [more of a toy for her really!]

This is a light weight chair so it is very easy for the toddlers [even of a 1 year old] to carry it around the house. Inspiration behind this project is my daughter, to whom I wanted to give a crafty way of seating.

Note: This is not an ergonomic design

Step 1: Materials and Tools

• 5 Postal Tubes [50 x 890 mm – Approx. 35” in length]
• Cardboard
• Clear packaging tape
• Gift wrapping paper
• A4 size paper

• Hex Saw
• PVA Craft Glue
• Scissors
• Pen/Marker
• Ruler/Scale
• Helping hands

Step 2: Mark and Cut Tubes

For the base
• Pick a tube and mark points length-wise to divide the tube into 4 equal parts [Approx. 8.75” each]
• Using the Hex Saw cut on the marked points to give you 4 tubes
• Repeat above steps on 2 other tubes
• You should have 12 tubes of length 8.75”

For the back-rest
• Pick the tube [35” one] and mark a point at 26”
• Using the Hex Saw cut on the marked point
• Repeat above steps on the remaining tube
• You should have 2 tubes of length 26” [discard the leftovers]

In all you should have 12 x 8.75” tubes and 2 x 26” tubes

Tip: To divide the tube I found it easier to use a paper template of the required length and wrap it around the tube from one end. Using this as a guide, mark the length along the circumference of the tube. Continue this procedure by moving up the tube for dividing the remaining part

Step 3: Cut and Glue Paper on to the Tubes

• Cut out 12 sheets of wrapping paper of size approx. 8.75”x7” to cover the short tubes
• Cut out 2 sheets of wrapping paper of size approx. 26”x7” to cover the long tubes
• Using glue, stick these papers around each of the tubes taking care to avoid wrinkles
• Allow it to dry for few minutes

Step 4: Create Base

• Pick all of the 8.75” tubes and assemble them in 3-4-3-2 matrix as shown in the picture
• With the help of an additional person, tape around the tubes to hold this assembly together

Note: 2-in-a-row tubes will be front face

Step 5: Seat for the Base

• Pick the base and put it on a cardboard
• Outline this base on the cardboard
• Carefully cut along the marked outline. This will be your template for cutting out the wrapping paper to cover the seat
• Using glue, stick the wrapping paper on top of the seat taking care to avoid wrinkles
• On the reverse side apply glue and stick this seat on top of the base
• Place some weight on the seat and allow the glue to dry

Step 6: Add Back-rest

Remember 2-in-a-row tubes will be the front face

• Pick both 26” tubes and position them behind the base
• With the help of additional person, tape firmly around the tubes to hold this whole assembly together

Step 7: Final Touch – Hide the Tape

• Cut the wrapping paper strips big enough to hide the tape that was used to hold the assembly together
• Stick this paper on the tape and allow it to dry
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