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I have a 20 month old grandaughter and a 14 month old grandson who are dressing up as Pebbles and Bambam for Halloween. I decided they needed a Flintstone Car to complete the look. This is how I made it...

Step 1: Log Sides

Picture of Log Sides
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Using a cartoon picture of the Flintstone's Car I drew out the sides on 1/2" plywood making them the same width as a large swim noodle and scaled the length to match. Once cut these plywood pieces would provide the shape of the log sides and determine the scale of the rest of the car.

Next I cut a large 4" swim noodle in half using a table saw. After doing some basic shaping of the swim noodle with a large bread knife my daughter coated both the noodle and plywood with contact cement. I then bonded the two pieces together which provided the contour of the log sides.

After the glue was completely dry I did a little more shaping and trimming with the bread knife. I then coated the entire noodle side with Bondo-Glass (available at any auto parts store, large hardware store, or Wal-Mart) putting it on in one direction but a little sloppy so it would look like tree bark when I finished. Bondo-Glass hardens in about 15 minutes, which keeps the project moving quickly.

After both sides were cured I sanded them to remove any sharp edges. We gave the sides a thorough base coat of gloss black and then brown. This gave the sides a realistic log look.
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SherrickE1 month ago
Hey, My Sister Is Trying to Get One of These Built For Her Daughter 1st Birthday. How Much Will You Charge To Build One Just Like the One You Built???
lemaster63 (author)  SherrickE1 month ago
I really don't have the time to do this. Sorry. Perhaps you could find someone to do it for you.
starwarsgeek13 months ago
this is ridiculously awesome! and $100 isn't to bad for this entire thing I guess especially for how much fun can be had in it?
srbglover4 months ago

GENIUS!!! Pure genius!!

Anna.lopes444 months ago

This is amazing. My husband is wondering if you would be able to let him know the measurements you used to make the car. He wants to build one for our 2 yr old niece for her upcoming birthday party.

you can reach me at: annacanales047@gmail.com

lemaster63 (author)  Anna.lopes444 months ago

I can't remember the exact measurments. Usually when I create such things I simply do what looks right to me. Sorry I couldn't be more help.

vmuro3 years ago
Is there any way you can make one and ill buy it from you (:
GpaSteve3 years ago
Awesome job
proudmomof34 years ago
for some reason it wont let me see your instructions past the realistic log look. could you please tell me what you used for the rollers? this looks amazing
larryman4 years ago
this is wonderful work
please contact me at
thank you
lemaster63 (author)  larryman4 years ago
I would love to help if I can. What do you need?

ok back on the job
can you give me a quick call and I'll try to explain
Thanks Bill

321 436 8191
sandrualex5 years ago
very cool! Think I'll scale up for my older children. thanks.
bugger the older kids im 30.. ill up scale it for me :D
i love it
Fasteners6 years ago
LOLz, im so glad this exists.
shevekm6 years ago
Uh, it means "nice work".
thanks kudos
I was inspired and made a low budget copy of your design. I could not believe the amount of fuss and stopped traffic we had on or street on Halloween Day.People pulled over to take photos of us. Thanks for the inspiration.
gahrere6 years ago
Hi, I really am amazed by the way you take all the trouble just to make your grandchildren happy. I guess you are but one of the best grand dads the new generation has, nowonder the name GRAND is given to such people as you. By the way you ought to be the overall winner not only for your design but also for your affection. I wish I had ! like you or a parent like you. Guys VOTE for Granddad. Thank you.
i really hope this is foot powered but curious how is it powered?
It says below that an adult pushed it =D<br/>Soon to be electric tho<br/>
InventMe6 years ago
Yabba Dabba Do!
sc6chuck96 years ago
Hey this is a really GREAT Project. You have done a fantastic job also. Please get your wife to pat you on the back many many times. I own and operate a machine shop and I'm an ole'fart also, however I have a lot of trouble making ANYTHING that I don't have a blue print for. Job well done sir.
kaptaink_cg6 years ago
Wow, That is a VERY cool project!
wow, that is so awesome!! what a memory for those little ones! But one question...how do they push? Their feet don't touch the ground?
lemaster63 (author)  copycatfilms6 years ago
Future filmaker is correct...an adult pushes it. The car is not hard to push but a bit heavy for the kids since there is not a lot of foot traction when your sitting down.
how much do you think that thing weighed? I'm thinking about making one to,but I'm thinking about making it solar and wind powered
Cool. That makes sense...Fred must've been stronger than we all give him credit for ;-) --best of luck making it motorized or remote, etc. It looks like fun! You deserve Gpa of the year!
the adult pushes... I think
litteratuer6 years ago
You are a good man..and a good grandfather.. :-)
Sandisk1duo6 years ago
Very nice! looks like the real thing!
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! My boss decided this year that for the towns annual parade (which is a cartoon theme this year) that we were going to build a float for "the Jetsons meet the Flintstones" .... I am building one of these Flintstones cars to trail along behind the actual flat bed that will have the Flintstones house atop it. The car I'm building is a little bit bigger with 2 bench (one in the front and one in the back) because we have full grown adults dressing up as the Flintstones and Jetsons characters. But I seriously wouldn't have been able to even conceive the idea of the car! Thank goodness I ran across your page! You did a magnificent job! Thanks again!
How did it go?
lemaster63 (author)  nokindofsupastar7 years ago
I'd love to see a picture when your finished.
NachoMahma6 years ago
. Wow! That is soooooooo cool. Fantastic job.
zomfibame6 years ago
that thing is out of sight , it's great; thanks for putting it on here for the rest of us to see it.
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