Picture of Toddler Marble Letter's Activity

This is a great new way to help teach your toddler their letters and they will love it too! You can do upper case or lower case, which ever works best with your kiddo =)  The possibilities are endless with these! PARENTAL SUPERVISION IS NECESSARY. MARBLES ARE A CHOKING HAZARD. Although these marbles are the size of my sons hand. I supervise him when we use these and I never for even a moment leave him unattended. When we are done using these I put them away out of reach of my children. Please keep this in mind if you use this activity idea. Other than that this project is super fun =)

Step 1:

Picture of

-1 bag clear flat marbles-you can find these at the dollar store of local craft store. The ones from Walmart I didn't think were very "clear"
-Print out of Alphabet letters
-glue stick

For the letters I did bold, upper case, size 26.  I spaced the letters out 3 tabs from each other and I double spaced the rows.  This way I would have enough room to draw a circle around each letter.

Draw a circle around each letter then cut them out.