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Introduction: Toddler Painting Station

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After replacing the seat of some kid's chairs, I offered the child a chance to paint the chairs.  I made a painting station in a large cardboard box, and inside taped several paper cups to hold different colors of paint.  You'll note in the pictures that there's only a little bit of paint on the street.  If we painted on newspaper, I'm sure the paper would have blown away and the cups tipped over.  This was so successful, I was able to leave Corvidae (2.4 years old) painting and focus on cutting plywood for the seats.     

We used interior latex paint, which was amazingly easy to wash off of hands, arms, forehead, etc...  



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    Cute kid and lucky too! Where is finished chair photo?

    I see a future designer in progress (and she sure is a sweetie -pie)

    I was expecting a station for painting toddlers.

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    You two would make ANY aspie proud.....LOL

    I prefer to refer to is as "being British".

    Hmmm, I will not try to read anything into that :-)

    they'll have some paint on them too, i'm sure.

    I think your Toddler painting station is cool!

    Umm, give your kid some paints and tell them to play in the street is only an expression... Looks like someone doing donuts in that cul-de-sac.