Toddler Proof Your Electronic Device Using Ear Plugs




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Introduction: Toddler Proof Your Electronic Device Using Ear Plugs

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The title explains it all folks. It only takes a few minutes and is very cheap.

Parts and Tools
>A skin that fits your electronic device. (I didn't have one, although I will post photos of one on my kindle.)
>An Electronic Device
>Hot-Glue Gun

Step 1: Cut and Glue Earplugs

Start by sliding the skin onto your device. This will protect your phone from the glue. MAKE SURE not to get any glue on your device, just the skin. Next, cut your earplugs in half. Save the rounded ends for the front and sides and the blunt ends for the back. I cut the earplugs intended for the front, in half again so that it wouldn't interfere as much with finger movement. I put 6 on the bottom, 8 on top, and 10 around the sides of my cheapy pay for minutes phone. When you complete this and your device looks both extremely ugly and very orange you are done.



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    Hah, great idea! Unfortunately this doesn't help much with snot-smeared screens...

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    nothing wll ever be able defend against a toddlers super snot of doom

    Unless you get like some sort of plastic to cover part or all the phone with :P It could be like a glove or something so the ear-plugs could come off easier.