Picture of Toddler Rain Stick
Need some ideas on what to do with all those left over cardboard rolls from Christmas Wrapping? Well here's one your toddler will love! =)
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Step 1:

Cardboard roll
Modge Podge
scrap book paper
1/3 cup rice, uncooked
strips of card board (about an inch wide, you can cut these off of a cereal box, or any box. They don't need to be pretty because they wont be seen)

Step 2:

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Decorate the tube with construction paper or scrap book paper.  I glued mine on with Modge Podge.

Then to sustain my little tornado on legs ;) I put laminating paper on the whole thing too.

Step 3:

Picture of
Seal the bottom. MAKE SURE YOU SEAL IT WELL!! I cut out a 4 inch circle from scrap book paper. Modge podged it to the end, put laminating paper over it and  then I even put tape around the edge just to make sure. Dried rice CAN BE A CHOKING HAZARD if you have little ones.

Step 4:

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Take your strips of card board and fold them up ACCORDION style, like a fan. stretch them out a tiny bit. These are going to go inside your tube and these are what the rice will be falling around on. so the more ripples in your strips, the more sound your kiddo will hear ;)

Put all your strips one by one inside the tube.

Put the rice in.

Seal the other end of the tube GOOD and let your toddler have some fun!!
shuntley311 months ago
my 2 year old had fun making this. we used 2 toilet paper rolls instead. heres a pic of hers.