Lately, my son has been into the movie, Up, which he happily calls "Balloons!"  Since it was the balloons that obviously drew him to the movie in the first place, I decided that I wanted to make him a t-shirt with which he could proudly display the balloons that he loves so much.  My idea was to get him involved in the process.  So, I figured the best way to do that would be to use a stamp for the balloons, and to let him help me stamp them on his shirt.  It's not easy to find cute crafts for a two year old, but this actually went much better than expected and was a lot of fun to make with him.
This has become his favorite shirt, and he wants to wear it daily.  He gets very mad that mommy won't let him wear it when it needs to be washed!!  Be warned, though, ever since we made the Up shirt, the Wall-E shirts have been gathering dust.  :(

What you will need:
-Fabric paints
-Fabric marker (Black)
-Craft foam
-Contact cement
-Small, flat object for stamp backing.  I used a milk bottle top.
-Airbrush (optional) for clouds

Step 1: Step 1: Make Your Custom Balloon Stamp

There are numerous ways to make a homemade stamp for stamping on paint.  Popular choices on the internet are potato, which, obviously doesn't make for a permanent stamp, and erasers, which are nice, but aren't as easy to carve.  My favorite lately, though, is to use craft foam.  It is easy to cut with a scissors, and can be rubber cemented to any flat surface to make an instant stamp.
To make your balloon stamp, just draw a simple balloon shape in the size you want on your craft foam and cut it out.  
When making a large stamp, I have often used a cd cover as a backing because it is transparent, allowing me to see where I to easily position the stamp.  In this case, though, I wanted to use something small enough for small, toddler hands to use.  So, I chose a milk bottle cap.
That is so adorable and so incredibly colorful!
Thanks!! In the end, most of his t-shirts have been embellished by us in some way or another, and this is his favorite. Maybe that is why-all of the colors. :)

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