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Introduction: Toddler Table

Howdy Instructable readers.
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very nice, i like the choice of woods and the tips on box joints. you are a cool Dad with a cute kid. i assume she takes after her mother? lol, just kidding..or am I?

Thank you, And yes thankfully she takes after Mommy. :)

Personally, I would have rounded the top edges of the table and stool. The more harsh edge would be uncomfortable for arms or legs (and heads as toddlers tend to trip [at least mine does and it is always around a sharp edge]).

Neat idea. Thanks for sharing it!

By rounded I meant to hit it with a router with a roundover bit. If you don't have router, sand it with sandpaper glued into a molding cove.

Thanks for the suggestion. With the sanding there is a bevel on the corners for the seat and top but it is not to the extent of a 1/4 rounding bit. I may just have to revisit that...

Thank you. Miss Abby really likes it and we have had many tea parties at it over the Christmas Break. I would like to hope that one day she will be able to pass it to her own kiddo's