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Introduction: Toddler Toddy

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Add a few limbs to your punch to give it some kick.

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Step 1: Wash and Weight

I purchased new limbs but you can easily find doll parts on ebay or at many thrift stores. You'll want fairly large ones and they should be vinyl and not porcelain. Wash them well in a dishwasher or by hand and use some heavy washers or bolts (that also should be washed) to weigh the open ends of the limbs down. Stainless steel would probably be the best material to avoid nasty chemicals in your brew.

Step 2: Serve Your Favorite Punch

A mixed drink that you can't see through looks best. Having fruit, sorbet, or ice floating adds to the effect and definitely serve out of a big kettle with a hefty ladle. Yum!



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    Speaking of adding nasty chemicals to your brew: Dolls are not subject to FDA Approval, and thus can contain unsafe levels of not only BPA but other vinyl additives that are actually poisonous to the human body. I would suggest sealing your body parts with stretch wrap, or coating them in food-safe shellac.

     you could even fill the limbs with water and freeze them to replace some of the ice and prevent it from getting watered down

    This is an awesome Halloween idea!  By the way, for the post that wanted punch recipe.  It's like this If I'm not mistaken:
    Nice job on the limbs though... I think I'm going to try making the punch really red with chunks of strawberries, might make it look undrinkable though.  Haha.  Thanks for idea!

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    Thank you very much!

    Thank you!

    My next Halloween party just got THAT much more awesome. XD

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    Please share photos if you do it!

    mabey even use a baby bath for a punchbowl, but that might be going too far.

    Fruit punch soda & O.J. or frozen strawberry's, or grenadine,anything bloody looking and any alcohol I think might look cool . mabey there is a way to make blueberry and milky whit Ice cube eyeballs. that would LOOK spooky. or mabey you can even find doll limb molds and use food coloring or fruit juice color and a little milk or cream and make actual edible frozen doll limbs for ice mabey even on a stick , like a popacycle or an armcicle . good job.

    This year the punch mix was a little more frothy...


    You could have thrown in a punch recipe...

    I like the idea of putting liquid in the limbs and freezing them. That would be great for halloween,

    when i looked at it from the date veiw it look like a penis was in there

    I bet that cost you an arm and a leg.