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This was by far the best activity we've done yet with our toddler! Our son LOVED this so much!

Step 1:

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Shoe Box
Plastic Easter Eggs (3)
Scrap Paper
Modge Podge
box cutter
Contact Paper (optional)

Step 2:

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Real simple, take your shoe box and cute the scrap paper according to size of your shoe box.

Glue the back of the paper with modge podge. Place some decorative letters on top (if you want)

Then I just went over the whole thing with modge podge and it dries super fast. 

At this point to with stand your toddler you could add contact paper over this whole thing.  I wanted it to last a little longer for more fun so I did the contact paper as well =)

Step 3:

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Trace the holes on top with the smaller 1/2 of the egg. Cut out with box cutter.

Step 4:

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Then have some fun!!! ;)


ybedull (author)2010-10-08

The child slaps the egg with a toy hammer or hand and the egg falls into the box and you do it all over. It doesn't take much to amuse a toddler and it shouldn't be "AN" the game was called "Whack A Mole" and that's what it's based off of ;)

Browncoat (author)2010-10-08

I'm not trying to be dense, but how does one play with this?

And it's driving me crazy... It should be "Whack AN Egg."

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