I learned this project from one of my favorite books, Generation T Beyond fashion. ( Wanted to give Meghan Nicolay credit :) )
This project makes an adorable dress for you adorable toddler:)

You will need:

1 adult t-shirt. ( The book says to use a large or extra large, I used a medium and the project still worked.)
Needle and thread, or a sewing machine
Straight pins
Sharp scissors
Chalk marker
Ruler/measuring tape

Step 1: Lets Begin

To start you will need to cut the shirt into two peices.
Lay the shirt flat, and slice the shirt in half about 2 inches from the armpits.
On the lower part of the shirt, dice off the hem.
Very cute! I almost want to make one for myself. :P
Thanks :) It probably wouldn't be that hard, do the same steps on a larger scale. You would probably need two shirts. Anything is possible :)

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