An easy sewing project, using a few colors of fleece. I chose 2 colors for the blanket - deep red and purple. I bought about 180 x 140 cm of each color, and ended up with a blanket of 160 x 130 cm. I bought 2 more pieces of green and blue, about 40 cm wide, to make the cars. 
Fleece is not expensive, kind of environmental friendly and makes a great blanket! 

Step 1: Preparing the Patterns' Templates

I've asked my kid what kind of pattern she'd like to have on her new blanket, and she said cars. I made a pattern of a beetle car from a journal. Then she asked for a truck, and then for a truck carrying sand. 
The great thing with fleece if that it's rather easy to mark the pattern with chalk (at least on the left side), and there's no need for hems as fleece does not fray. So no need to leave space for hems. Just mark it and cut it on the mark. 
I used two colors for the patterns, and two colors for the blanket. 
Nice one ! Sewing fleece to fleece can be darn tricky. You managed it well!

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