Picture of Toe Plow
Sometimes even I get an idea that can't be done with Legos. 

(The high heels were meant to be funny, by the way. Aren't high heels always kind of funny?)

1- What did you make?
This is what I call a Toe Plow. It's a way of clearing snow, with your feet! The Toe Plow is convenient because Minnesota is known for how much snow it gets and I live there. You just buckle them on to your boots and shuffle. I learned that it is much easier to move snow with your feet than with your hands and arms.
Items needed include:
2 foot long 4" PVC tubing
P3" PVC cap
PVC cement
purple primer
2 cheap dog collars.

2- How did you make it? 
I got the idea for the project when I was at school and noticed how much is was snowing-- I knew there would be a lot of snow in the driveway when I got home, I knew I'd be responsible for clearing some of the snow away, so i drew a diagram on the back of a piece of paper. My dad helped me with some of the cutting and construction, but the idea was all mine! The plans did evolve and change- at first I thought the plows themselves wouldn't be angled, but after some experimentation I discovered they worked better at an angle.

3- Where did you make it?
I made the Toe Plow at my house, mostly in our garage, and I experimented in my driveway.

4- What did you learn? 
I learned that it is much easier to move snow with your feet than with your hands and arms! The biggest challenge was figuring out how to angle to Toe Plow while allowing it to still stay on the boots, but then we figured out how to solve the issue. I am proudest that I took an idea that came to me and made it into an actual invention and I wouldn't change a  thing about the way the Toe Plow ended up. It was fun, and I learned a lot!
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ahdlm1 year ago
I loved legos as a child. still do somewhat. my parents always hated them because they were littered all over my room. Now, as a parent, I begin seeing them in a different light since it is now my feet on the line. Your invention should be mounted on the front of house slippers so that parents can safely navigate a lego infested area.
Dr. dB1 year ago
Hmmm... what if you strapped these to a pair of "heelies"?
Might have to ad-lib some tire chains for 'em, though...
And, mind the ("AAaahh!" *wham*tumble*crunch*) slope at the end of the drive!!
wow. feet must hurt from being in high heels and that plow
Ah, but women LOVE the pain of high heels. I wonder if this could convince our wives that clearing the driveway is a woman's men allowed, get out of here and watch some football :-)
ha haa ha
claramecium11 months ago


Just be careful you don't get "snow toe" ... HeHe

DIY Dave1 year ago
Great idea! What's next toe blowers?
amconder1 year ago
That's funny
bakdrft1 year ago
to much time on your hands? ooops feet?
Oh, no you didn't! Lol
u got my vote!
Nice work bro (literally, bro, as in brother).
ArticAkita1 year ago
what a novel idea! it looks comical from the high heels with them, but they look cool! (on boots) I'd probibly break my neck, I live in Alaska by the way! :)
This would be fun for kids to wear... you need to market these. Nicely done!
AmyLuthien1 year ago
OK, I have to say, these are the single most awesome thing I've seen all day!! :D
MrOddjob1 year ago
I prefer a shovel myself, but I love your attitude. Good job.
Love 'em! Now if it would just snow again here in Hawaii...
JulieBalm1 year ago
I may want to buy a pair of Toe Plows from you Legofreak! Very good job! The high heeled ones were the best. :)
Love this! And love the photo with the high heels!!! (High heels ARE always kind of funny!)
robotjim1 year ago
Love it! (I live in Wisconsin, so go figure...) You know I've seen crazier stuff in mail order catalogs. I would wager you could have those mass produced in China and actually make a decent profit before folks figured they really weren't that practical! Of course if you fitted all your friends and family with them and everyone shuffle down the driveway side by side...
Thanks LOL!
Eh Lie Us!1 year ago
Great idea. Simple and effective. I'm a bit confused on people that say "Patent! Patent!" Why? to protect your idea? To make money? To sue others that 'steal' your idea? We're on Instructables! We're here to share. If you want to make money and sue go work in Wall Street.
Legofreak86, thanks for sharing.
dorybob1 year ago
Your Instructable made me a victim of an acronym......LOL. Nice work.
Exocetid1 year ago
Things are just getting crazy around here--but you can't slight the creativity!!!
davintosh1 year ago
This is an awesome Instructable! Thanks for sharing the idea!
PitStoP1 year ago
Haha.. Can you make these for commercial use? It be good up north to remove the snow in the streets.. =D
Lindie1 year ago
Made me laugh! Great idea! May need much higher plows for deeper snow! :-)
Nevernik1 year ago
Ok.. but where is tutorial how it work? I mean every product need to have manual how to use it and in this case I'm not sure :D...
Ah... and yes.. use simple English words since I'm Martian and just wanted to prove my fellow Martians why we must hide ourselves and our oil....
jmitch771 year ago
I can imagine starting a snow removal business with these! "Our crew of 200 workers will remove the snow on your parking lot in a day!" These are hilarious!
NCBob1 year ago
OMG, these are awesome. I now want it to snow so I can make some and use them!!!!

I wonder how a toe rake would work?
HollyMann1 year ago
I My son would love this with his boots. The high heels..not too fond of. The idea is awesome - strangely amazing!
Crazy ideas from crazy Americans !!!!… :D
WE LOVE YOU GUYS !!!!… ;D .D .D .D
I bet you look cool doing it. I guess no one looks cool shoveling snow anyway.

You should make a backward walking version. Heel Plows. Then you could moonwalk your driveway. Moonplows?


Add wheels!? This could be dangerous.
Great job. Get's my vote.
MonkiMan1 year ago
this is the best I've seen in ages!
i have at least two pairs of old steel toed boots. i could weld on something better >:D

or mabe i could make spikes, or razors, opps sorry, i got off topic.

but yah this is great, im kicking myself for not ever thinking of this.
old_alex1 year ago
Al Bundy (the inventor of shoe lights) would be proud!
build521 year ago
Thats a cool idea! how well do they work?
searx1 year ago
I saw almost the exact same thing here-
DTOM_Bear1 year ago
Brilliant. How 'bout coming up here for a stress test of your designs? The overnight forecast is for a foot and a half of wet, heavy, snow. Perfect for you to demonstrate your remarkable gadgets.
reeseecup1 year ago
haha nice
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