Toe Sock Monkey :D


Introduction: Toe Sock Monkey :D

Hi I'm Madison and I love making sock creatures. I'm just posting some pics of him first to see if people DO want an instructable of him. Leave a comment or like if you do. I haven't finished sewing his body parts on yet, but I only started him today, so I have done a lot in 1 day. Lets just say my homework isn't finished! :D



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    PLEASE complete him. ,I would love to see him. I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a TOE SOCK monkey pattern. I would love to make one for my daughters up-coming baby. Due Valentines day. Thanks so much.

    Thanks... I don't know if you can make a monkey without sewing, but if I find out how, I'll post a comment saying how

    Sorry, I had a copy of the instuctions, but my brother spilt water in them. I didn't save the document...