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Toetsenbordhulp is a project aimed at helping people who have a hard time controlling their motor movement while typing.

In more particular it was designed for Kurt who had a oxygen deficiency while he was born, paralyzing some parts of his brain. This lowered his motor skills, making it more difficult for him to type.

To learn more about our project you can follow us on our blog or watch this video.

Step 1: Materials

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To produce the fixed frame the following items are required:

  • Steel profile 20x20x1.5 mm, 3 metre
  • 2x Hex Bolt M8X40
  • 1x Butterfly nut M8X30
  • Steel bar Ø 16mm
  • 2x metal plate 25x35x1,5mm
  • 4x 8M steel nuts
  • Welding machine
  • Grinder
  • Drill machine

Step 2: Dimensioning

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Cut with the grinder the round and square steel profile in pieces according to the technical drawing.

The dimensions used in the drawing are designed for the Intellikeys USB. I

If another keyboard is used, the dimensions.should be adapted.

Step 3: Welding

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Weld all the pieces together with the welding machine.

  1. Start with the middle part of the frame
  2. Choose to continue with the upper or lower part
  3. Weld the oposite side of the previous step
  4. Weld the L-shaped bar
  5. Drill a 9mm hole where the nuts should be
  6. Weld the nuts above the holes

Step 4: Painting

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Spraypaint the frame in the preferred color.

Step 5: Assembly

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Now that we have all the parts lets put them together.

Step 6: Installation

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  1. Now install the frame on your desk by screwing the bolts in the nuts.
  2. Fastening the frame to the table.
  3. Put the keyboard in the frame.
  4. Plug the usb connectors in.

Now you are ready to rumble!


amekdala (author)2014-06-07

great idea

trentcole (author)amekdala2014-11-06


davejuniortwo (author)2014-09-01

amazing stuff.. total geek

sure it is great

craftclarity (author)2014-06-05

This is a really great project! Naming it something like "Assistive Keyboard Mount" would help people understand what it is and why it is really worth looking at...Thanks for posting it!!

spimus (author)craftclarity2014-06-05

Thanks for the comment, I followed your advice :D, you are right!

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