While I am a dedicated fan of animal protein, I was recently bewitched by Andrea Nguyen's new book, "Asian Tofu - Discover the Best, Make Your Own, and Cook it at Home." I'm a sucker for any book that tells me how to make something, even if it's tofu. Now while you don't actually need a tofu press to make tofu, I felt that a press would enhance the aesthetic experience, so here's my ghetto version. And by the way, home made tofu really is very different from (and better than) the watery bricks you buy at the supermarket.

Step 1: The Basics

I used a premade wooden keepsake project box from JoAnn's fabrics. I would have liked to make the box from scratch, but I am temporarily workshop-less, so my projects are limited to the kitchen counter. The box was ideal because it had a lid with an inset, which would become the final 'floating' lid.
That's awesome! I've always wanted one of these. :)
Another popular option for coating the wood is a beeswax finish. <br>You can buy it commercially or make your own with natural beeswax and mineral oil. <br>It should last a bit longer then just mineral oil, and smells good :)
Great idea. When I refinish it I'll try that.
You could enter this in the Woodcare contest.
Good idea. Thanks!

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