I threw Toga Tequila Tuesday at my house this week and needed to make a good toga for myself. After countless hours of websurfing, I could find no site that had instructions for how to wrap a toga for women. Well, here is my sweet toga that is not revealing and easy.

6 yards of fabric
1 belt (or elastic band)

Step 1: Start wraping!

I used six yards of fabric. I am a size 6-8 US.

Unfold the fabric and starting at one end, wrap it around your body like a towel. Be sure to fold about 2 inches over underneath your arms (you will need this extra fabric in the last step).

Wrap fabric around your body again so that you have two layers.
<p>This is a terrific design for a toga. When my wife and I go to the swing club sometimes its toga night and we kinda put together a version similar but not as nice as adidame.<br /> Great instuctable.</p>
&nbsp;You make that toga look fantastic !&nbsp; It looks fashonable enough to wear out
This is perfect for my wedding party. Both men and women are dressing in togas for my costume wedding in October.
Going to a toga party and am soo excited to try out this wrap style! :D
Wow, that's fantastic!
maybe try an old bicycle inner tube as the belt you use to snug up under the fold .
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The reason you're not finding ways to wrap togas for women is because the only females who wore togas in Rome were prostitutes.&nbsp; Before you ladies put on a &quot;toga&quot;, remember that everyone who knows anything about Roman clothing is probably snickering at your &quot;Roman prostitute&quot; costume. <br />
its fancy dress, I dont think many people pay attention to the history!
&nbsp;No doubt you meant your comment as a cautionary note, but are the fashion elite that snidely?
&nbsp;Not revealing&nbsp;in the sense of exposed skin, but can be very revealing of the figure of the woman wearing it. Not as a man I'm saying that's a bad thing, if you are the model in the instructable, you and togas are made for each other. A well done instructable
&nbsp;this is bathing dress &nbsp;(special) in India.&nbsp;<br />
You forgot her stolla!<br /> Lol :)<br /> Latin nerdd skills kicking in!
I bet it's funner to unwrap weeewww heeeewww!!!!!<br />
this looks similar to what Jackie Chan did in "The Accidental Spy":)
You lost me at "...not revealing." j/k! Great instructions! Simple and easy.
hubba hubba. Very nice toga!!

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