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I threw Toga Tequila Tuesday at my house this week and needed to make a good toga for myself. After countless hours of websurfing, I could find no site that had instructions for how to wrap a toga for women. Well, here is my sweet toga that is not revealing and easy.

6 yards of fabric
1 belt (or elastic band)
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Step 1: Start wraping!

Picture of Start wraping!
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I used six yards of fabric. I am a size 6-8 US.

Unfold the fabric and starting at one end, wrap it around your body like a towel. Be sure to fold about 2 inches over underneath your arms (you will need this extra fabric in the last step).

Wrap fabric around your body again so that you have two layers.

Step 2: Create a belt

Picture of Create a belt
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Gather fabric into a rope and wrap around your waist.

Wrap around your waist again

Step 3: Around the neck

Picture of Around the neck
Bring the fabric across the front of your body and wrap the rope around your neck.

Step 4: Necklass

Picture of Necklass
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Wrap the fabric rope underneath the section of the rope that goes across your chest and pull up and then around the section of rope that goes across your chest. Center tie in the middle of your bust.

Step 5: And around

Picture of And around
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Wrap the rope around the back of the toga. Tie the end at your back by wrapping it around the rope that goes around your waist.

Step 6: Belt it up!

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To keep the toga top from drooping down and exposing your bust while taking margarita gelatin shots with friends, you need to cinch it up.

Wrap a belt under the fold of extra material at the very top of the toga. I used an elastic belt I got at a used clothing store, but my roommate used a belt made out of webbing. A band of elastic tied at the correct diameter would work too.

Fold the extra fabric over the belt to hide it.

Step 7: Glam it up!

Picture of Glam it up!
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Toga 022.jpg
Put on make up and accessories and you are totally ready to party! Whoot!