Toggle Switch With Relay Using Arduino




Introduction: Toggle Switch With Relay Using Arduino

Trying to make things easier and clear for school students I made this little project.
The obove schematic shows the connections
1 - relay
2 - resistors 330Ohm
1- transistor NPN 2N2222
1- diode 1N4148
1 - pushbutton.
1 - LED

The button is connetcted internally with pullup resistor
The diode is needed to stop the voltage (sometimes more then 4 times when the current is stopped from the coil) coming back from the coil of the relay. This is know as flywheel diode.

How it works: Here I used one button working as a toggle switch, which turns on and off instead of two buttons.
For a load on the relay I used just Led.

Step 1: Finding Out the Coil and the Contacts

This part for most simular projects is neglected. Take you Ohmmeter and find where the coil terminals are. It will have a value more or less then 100Ohm. Find where the contacts without voltage on the coil are closed NC (normally closed) ~0Ohm. Do the same with the other contacts NO (normally open) open circuit resistance

Step 2: Transistor Connections

Looking at the picture and according to the schematic connect properly the transistor according
E (emitter), B (base), C (collector)

Step 3: The Code

Simple toggle switch Created by: P.Agiakatsikas *********************/ int button = 8; int led = 13 int status = false; void setup(){ pinMode(led, OUTPUT); pinMode(button, INPUT_PULLUP); // set the internal pull up resistor, unpressed button is HIGH } void loop(){ //a) if the button is not pressed the false status is reversed by !status and the LED turns on //b) if the button is pressed the true status is reveresed by !status and the LED turns off
if (digitalRead(button) == true) {     
status = !status;    
digitalWrite(led, status);   
} while(digitalRead(button) == true); 
delay(50); // keeps a small delay 

Step 4: Proteus Circuit

If you are using Proteus here is the file.

A very simple version of the toggle switch was in my previous post here



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