Toilet Bowl Cleaner





Introduction: Toilet Bowl Cleaner

An easy way to clean your toilet with a drill. It makes toilet cleaning fun.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Get your drill, a saw, a medium drill bit, and a round toilet brush with a plastic handle.

Step 2: Handle

Cut your tolilet brush handle about half way down.

Step 3: Drill

Drill into handle about half the drill bit length. Leave the drill bit stuck in the handle. Set your drill to its slowest speed.

Step 4: Clean Your Toilet

Pull the trigger on the drill slowly and clean away!!!

Don't drill too fast, because it will splash on the drill!

Don't use chemical cleaner so it won't get on your skin, but you can use vinegar to clean with.



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    Glad you post it! I moved into a (foreclosure) house a few years ago and the toilets were, well, beyond cleaning. Until I grabbed the Dremo tool extension and made an adjustment to some tips and wallaaaaa.... cleaned toilets rings of hard water without having to buy new ones. I actually used the hard (rock like) tip but you have to be precise. I held one hand with the other one, so not to touch the surface of the toilet at all. Little pieces were flying all over the place. Needless to say, I wore protective glasses. LOL Oh and I cleaned the oven too, and anything that needed more than a regular scrub. LOVED IT!

    It was fun for me to do because it was like a work of art to clean these surfaces without damaging them. :-)

    Very good idea, but I think that the brush is too weak. I used a mirror to inspect the progress and did not see enough progress. I found this 3M-abrasive-disk in my garage and attached it to my drill and cleaned the inner groove of the rim back to nearly new. The mirror inspection and the smell inspection both confirm my decision to not buy a new toilet. Again, many thanks.


    Be careful not to spin it too fast. Imagine toilet water all over walls and the ceiling :)

    This is a radical idea. WOW. I'm sure it works but I'd probably only use this when I wanted to let out some anger on my toilet. lol

    There is something called Kaboom NeverScrub] that cleans your toilet automatically. No drill required. = )

    Instead of a drill bit, which may be expensive, why not use a lag bolt and chop of then hex bolt end which then can be inserted into the drill.

    lol... great idea! There was a power scrubber tool that did this that came out some years ago... i even got one and used it with success. This would work better if you had a flexi drill extension so you could put the drill down and just manipulate the small handle of the flexible extension. To make the connection stronger so you can scrub hard, you may want to find a brush with a metal core in the plastic handle that you can hold in the chuck. cheers, WL

    You would look kinda strange but its the thought that counts, puts the fun into flushing!

    Lol! They call you the "Toolman", don't they?