Picture of Toilet Costume
I was inspired to do this costume for my daughter because she was in the process of potty training at the time. Luckily her size was roughly proportional to an actual toilet. She really enjoyed wearing it too because the toilet lid opens to reveal a bowl that functions as the candy receptacle; making it a fun and interactive costume.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
You will need:
1. a cheap plastic bowl with a lip about 12"
2. enough sturdy wire to circumvent the bowl (I used a wire hanger)
3. a piece of cardboard large enough to cover top of bowl
4. hot glue
5. a roll of poly-fil foam (24" x 48")
6. and silky white fabric (24"x 48")

kbelzer3 years ago
This is a perfect costume for kids who are Captain Underpants fans! Remember the Purple Pottie People? I might surprise my grandkids with this on the 31st.
My son really likes Captain Underpants and wants to be a toilet for Halloween this year. I was so happy to find this! Thanks! He is nine years old so I'm doubling the measurements. Hope it turns out!
sntgsrv3 years ago
You could add fake legs in the front and hide your real legs with the tank so it would look like you're sitting down. Holding a newspaper would really add to the effect.(obviously this is meant for people older than her)
mygibzone3 years ago
HOORAY for originality!!! The typical princess, pirate, clown, superhero are so over done that it is refreshing to see something new. I'm a little surprised to see people take offense....butt then again every party has a "pooper"
You're 2 for 2 you have an adorable little girl and a great costume :)
This is very original & creative! I LOVE IT!
Wow! Nice job building the costume, butt.....

Halloween the one night a kid can be anyone they want to be, a Pirate, a Princess, a Super Hero, a Toilet? LOL!

The look on her face says it all! I Love the quote: "Luckily her size was roughly proportional to an actual toilet." Yes lucky for her she was taller than a cow pie and shorter than a Porta Potty! I'm sure this will be used as evidence in a therapy session down the road. LOL!
kurtnotkirk3 years ago
That's too funny! Nice job!
This takes the whole term 'potty mouth' to a a whole new level.

Really great costume! Love how you incorporated the potty training into the costume idea.
danilo.bar13 years ago
Are you sure that your daughter is happy to be dressed as a toilet?

Seriously, a really excellent job. Congratulations!

Your daughter is also adorable!
ChrysN3 years ago
So funny, it's great that she has a place to hold the treats.

the costume looks really funny. I wonder if she is willing to wear it next year...

mrspeedy5 months ago

Smart idea, but I would recommend something different next time. Toilet is not a place to look for chocolate or candies.

jbrecken1 year ago
Was it hot in that costume? She looks a little flushed.
jgissiner2 years ago
Very cute costume! Really really fantasti job.
thats so funny - my son wanted to go as a toilet during science week and so we made him a costume complete with cistern and hanging flush pull. And I thought we were the only wierd people who would send their kid to school dressed as a toilet !!!
pezzasaurus (author)  farawaymummy3 years ago
Not weird.., just fun. She was the talk of the college of pharmacy that i attended.
Mediumjones3 years ago
Missing caption: "I wanted to be a princess fo' halloween but dad made me a toilet :("
At first I was all "WHY would someone dress such a cute little girl up as a toilet?" then I saw the potty training thing...Its cute, and clever that she has a spot for the candy...what was her reaction tot he costume?
She really enjoyed the whole time wearing the costume. The college that I attended had a huge family contest and it won overall. She received tons of candy and was stopped quite a bit by others to have their picture taken together.
Jennipher3 years ago
Love this! Where did you get the role of poly fil? I'm having trouble finding it!
pezzasaurus (author)  Jennipher3 years ago
Thanks for the comment. We purchased the poly fil roll at the local Walmart. My wife has also purchased it at local fabric stores like hancock's or Joann's
Narlo113 years ago
My wife said she had her friend dress as a toilet when they were young. But they recorded a toilet flushing, so when someone put candy in the bowl they hit the play button.
pezzasaurus (author)  Narlo113 years ago
This is a great idea. It would make the costume even more fun
Rosilin3 years ago
Cost of diapers for two kids: $40.00 every two weeks,
Cost of diaper bag to carry diapers: $25.00,
Dressing your kid up as a toilet for halloween: priceless
~ Rebecca Cavalli
jasonlinux3 years ago
she looked naturally pretty, a very nice and creative outfit
bordmom3 years ago
Oh, POO. (Yes, I mean "Poo"!) She'll look back on this picture and say "what a great Halloween ... somebody made me a costume. I'm going to be an involved Mom and make my own kid a cool costume." Some people think too much ... Have a GREAT Halloween !!
AmyLuthien3 years ago
Awesome pictures! You'll have a lot of fun whipping those out when she brings home her first boyfriend XD
sze arteest3 years ago
What for? She does deserve a better costume. That is not late to change the look.