Toilet for Minecraft Pe





Introduction: Toilet for Minecraft Pe

Note it is PE NOT PC I don't have cauldrons and all that. Don't judge me! And it's my first instructable so I don't know how to do this.

Step 1:

Find a clear spot. I'm putting mine in a corner.

Step 2:

Now put down a block of nether reactor core.

Step 3:

Now put trap doors around it like this. They will be on the floor at first

Step 4:

Next tap the trap door.

Step 5:

Now put one more trap door on top. This is now the lid.

Step 6:

And there you go! Note I got this idea from someone else. So I don't get much credit. Please leave a comment!



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I made something like this in my house, but instead of the nether reactor core, I put ice and broke it

I'll put this as more of a creative thing because I'm not going to use a bunch of gold and iron and a diamond to make a toilet

Ops!!! I put it up twice!!!!!!

Ops!!! I put it up twice!!!!!!

Thanks for leaving the comment

Thanks for leaving the comment