Toilet Paper Bandage





Introduction: Toilet Paper Bandage

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Easy to make finger bandage from household objects (Toilet paper and water)

Step 1: Shape Toilet Paper

Cut/tear toilet paper to cover the section of the finger that has been cut.

Step 2: Wet Down

Place toilet paper over the cut and wet it down, then let it dry.

Step 3: Optional Step

If you want you can blow-dry it.



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    I would have this remade because the pics are so terrible. No excuses, redo them.

    4 replies

    I'll redo it next time I get a cut. Maybe if you get a cut you could do this and send me the pics; I'd make a note of your contribution

    ummmm..... I can't figure out how to send pics in private message... can you help?

    when u send pics in a message u click on add image after typing in ur words like this


    Nope, I'm kinda new at this, just e-mail them to me:

    I do something similar with toilet paper and tape.